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Welcome to Best Kitchen Pro! We’re your one-stop source for all things kitchen. Whether you’re regularly shopping for cool kitchen tools, or are looking for a specific type of gadget, appliance, or equipment, we’ve got the resources to help you out!

In today’s world, shopping for kitchen appliances and tools is tricker than ever. You’d think that having so many options would make things easier, but it can be really difficult to sort through the different models and offerings, not to mention all the brands.

Plus, with so many different inventions hitting the market, the average person is swamped with “should I buy that?”, or “is that really all it’s cracked up to be?” questions. Let us help you out.

Our team of kitchen gurus will talk you through things from a real user’s perspective. We’ll let you know why we’re recommending a given product, from the point of view of someone who spends an awful lot of time in the kitchen.

Unlike so many other review sites, we’re not affiliated with any specific manufacturers or brands. That allows us to be completely impartial, and to bring you the best of the market, considering absolutely every option. And we can give you the honest low-down on each kitchen tool we review, rather than an infomercial or paid product placement on YouTube. We’ll help you avoid the gimmicks, and end up with the gems!

We research and review all sorts of products. Our team tries out new gadgets and gizmos, and then decides whether they merit a spot on our site. In popular categories like water filtration or appliances, new and improved products are always popping up. That’s why we make it our job to review them, so you know whether you ought to upgrade, keep your current model, or consider getting a new type of appliance altogether.

Here’s our rule: if we don’t think it’s worth your money, we won’t feature it on the site! As passionate home chefs ourselves, we’re not interested in anything that won’t add convenience and functionality to your kitchen.

For every product type that we review, we’ll explain:

  • what it does
  • how you can use it
  • how much you should spend
  • what the options are
  • which models work best, and for whom

Our guides are also designed to be a lot more than product listings! Sure, we’ll show you what we think are the best products in each category. But we’ll also talk through exactly how to shop for these products, how to know whether you’re looking at something good, and how to figure out which will serve your needs best. We’ll let you know when you can save money by going for a budget model. We’ll also tell you if we think there’s something important that the budget models are missing.

Want to know more about our team, or learn how we review products? Check out our About page!

In short, we aim to be as helpful, straightforward, and trustworthy as a kitchen site could be!

Here’s a quick overview of all the products we currently review. Click on any of the links to be directed to our in-depth guides!

Bread Machines

Featured recommendation:

black bread maker

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When it comes to making bread at home, nothing beats having a machine to do it for you! Of course, your results are totally dependent on the quality of your machine. For this guide, our reviewers have compared all sorts of machines, from big name brands to a few newer entries. We’ve chosen 3 excellent workhorses to suit all tastes, dietary requirements and household sizes. Find out which machines make the cut!

Water filters

Featured recommendation:

white countertop water filter

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More and more people are becoming concerned about the quality of their drinking water, and for good reason! Contrary to what you might think, Americans have some of the worst tap water in the Western world. There are lots of ways to go about filtering it, so to help you avoid confusion, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to all the different types of water filter. We explain exactly which contaminants will be removed by each, and we show you our favorite models in each category! Most importantly, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to establishing your contaminants and deciding on an appropriate filtration system for your home. Check it out!

We’ve also put together two special guides dedicated to some of the most popular filtration options:

  • Whole-house water filters
  • Water filter pitchers

Induction Cooktops

Featured recommendation:

black induction cooktop

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These appliances have come a long way from their early infomercial days! Sure, there are still lots of crappy NuWave models out there for exorbitant prices, but a lot of legitimate kitchen brands have been getting in on the action. As a result, there are some seriously good induction cooktops on the market! In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the 3 best for sale right now. Our recommendations span a wide range, from the simple and portable to the precise and professional. We’ll explain everything you need to know about them, and help you figure out which is the best for your cookery! Read more here.

Sous vide Machines

Featured recommendation:

white Sous Vide

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While sous vide machines have been specialty items for a number of years, we’re excited that so many home cooks are discovering the technology! Precision immersion circulators are better than ever right now, and they’re finally starting to be available at prices the average person can afford. We’ve rounded up the best options for any budget or lifestyle. Some of our picks are simple, manual circulators, while others are the latest and greatest, with wifi connectivity and intuitive app controls. We’ve put lots of effort into finding the most user-friendly and convenient options out there, without sacrificing any precision in the heating department. See all our recommendations, and find out why we’ve chosen them over the competition, here!

Convection Ovens

Featured recommendation:

counter top convection oven

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We’ve been into convection ovens ever since they first came out. We simply love how easy they make so many cooking and baking tasks! The kind of consistency and quality you can get with the help of convection makes roasting and baking much less difficult for the average cook. The countertop selection these days is pretty phenomenal, so we had a hard time narrowing down the field to just a few recommendations. We’ve done it at last! You can find all our top convection oven recommendations in our complete guide! See which models made the grade, and find out what put them over the edge. It’s all here!